Riccardo Angelini is a visual artist born in Fermo in 1980, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with a thesis entitled “La forma nell’informe”(“The shape in the shapeless”) in which, through a panoramic path on the spot, deepens the theme of perception and the psychology of form, then focusing his artistic research in this direction with the intent of bringing it to a point of absolute synthesis.

In recent years the artist transforms and transcends suffering and transience in an evolutionary dimension, sublimated and alchemical, through the use of natural pictorial mediums, in particular cochineal powders, chlorophyll, ash, graphite, in combination with water from springs and seas close to his places of life and work, in an intense and rooted link with the territory in which the works originate. In the alchemy of materials, Angelini infuses his poetics with a spiritual inspiration, a cathartic and healing process that transmutes pain into the wonder of creative power.

The pictorial matter leads the observer into an effusive and mutative form, defined by the gesture, transported by time through spatial continuity, further investigated by the photographic, audiovisual, and sculptural medium as a trace of constant becoming, of a complete evolution in perpetual renewal.

The artist lives and works between Moresco (FM), Italy, and Paris, France, where he collaborates with various international realities related to the world of art and culture.